Lily & Beauty now has nearly 1,000 outstanding employees who are the company's most valuable asset.

Thanks to them, Lily & Beauty has formed a very strong professional team in E-commerce operations, marketing planning, advertising design, page design, information system support, etc., with rich experience in E-commerce operations and brand marketing. Lily & Beauty hopes to find more young people with dreams, who are willing to fight for and love E-commerce.

We offer a challenging and dynamic platform that provides a competitive salary and career prospects.

Looking forward to conquering the sea of stars with you.

Overseas Marketing Manager
Working place:Shanghai
Work experience:3--4years


1 IImproves product sales and revenue by testing, promoting, and optimizing products through overseas social channels.

2 Leads the team to promote daily products and expand product sales and communication effects.

3 Conducts data analysis based on daily promotion effects and tracks them to find reasons and optimizing directions.


1 A Bachelor’s degree or above, with more than 3 years relevant overseas promotion experience, majoring in marketing, international trade, English and other related ones.

2 Be Fluent in English.

3、Be versed with Excel, Word, PPT and other common office software.

4、 Must have a team spirit and service awareness, be honest and trustworthy,  be humble, have a strong learning ability, adaptability, and an interest and passion for E-commerce foreign trade.

5、 Must have work initiative and enthusiasm, be diligent and eager to learn, flexible and meticulous, careful and patient, and have a high sense of responsibility.

Beauty Marketing Manager
Working place:Shanghai
Work experience:1--3years


1、Links the company's internal GWP requirements and coordinate internal resources matching.

2、Links related matters of the relevant departments of the company and its own brands.

3、Participate in and monitor the connection of its own brand’s external businesses.

4、Brand activity planning, partner coordination, activity execution and project summary.


1、Experience in E-commerce operation, and the ability to cooperate with flagship stores, promote their sales and master the brand feature.    

2、Have work experience in the marketing department and be able to cooperate with the external resources of Momoup.

3、Have more than 5 years of work experience as a customer manager in an advertising company.

4、Have good communication skills.

5、Be hardworking and  proactive.

6、Be a graduate in English, foreign trade, advertising and other majors.


Senior Operation Manager
Working place:Shanghai
Work experience:More than 3 years of experience


1、Familiar with the operating environment of Taobao, the trading rules formulated by it, the promotion and the advertising resources of the website.

2、Understand how to use Taobao background and promotion tools.

3、Know how to design the product description page and shop home page, familiar with Taobao operating principles, the operation of the website and other major forums.

4、Familiar with the various activities and promotion channels on the Taobao platform, and be able to register for the operation independently.

5、Good communication and understanding, excellent execution, active and open minded mentality.

6、Promotion of the official flagship store, copywriting of various pages; copywriting is submitted to the designer for execution, while supervise the finished content.

7、Strong resilience, ability to deal with unexpected matters, and strong sense of service.


1、Daily operation and maintenance of Taobao store, optimize goods, coordinate work between warehouse, customer service and other departments.

2、Formulate the rules of the store activities and arrange all activities to follow up.

3、Registration of platform activities, activity resources exploring.

4、Launch of Taobao and CPM advertisements, contact with outside promotion resources.

5、Store operating expenses calculation, daily data collection.

Operation Specialist / Senior Operation Specialist
Working place:Shanghai
Work experience:1-3years


1Daily operates and maintains  flagship stores, optimizes, goods and pages, coordinates work between warehouse, customer service and other departments.

2RSummarizes various stores operation data (including daily data, activity data, etc.), conducts data analysis, and  offers optimization suggestions.

3Registers  platform activities and formulates activity rules to follow up the connection of internal and external processes.

4Launches Taobao and CPM advertisements, and establishes contact with outside promotion resources.

5Assists in the development of monthly sales plans.

6Relevant work is arranged by the superior.


1Must have two or more years of operation experience, and worked in an E-commerce company or a cosmetics company.

2Be versed with Taobao's operating environment, Tmall rules, activity rules and various tools and background.

3Be versed with office software, especially Excel and PPT.

4Be able to work under pressure, pragmatic, have a clear thinking and a good teamwork spirit.